How to Add a Document to Your Page or Post

(Psst…this article is closely related to another tutorial, How to Add an Image to Your Page or Post.)

Adding documents (PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Word docs, etc) to your WordPress site is easy! You can add documents in two places within your Dashboard:

  1. Through the Media Library
  2. While you are editing a page or post

The process is basically the same; when you add to the Media Library, you are saving the document for future use, not immediately attaching (associating) it to a specific article. When you add while editing a page, the document is attached to that page.

Adding a Document to the Media Library

  1. Go to Media>>Add New in the left-hand vertical menu of your Dashboard.
  2. Find the document on your machine you want to add, and drag it into the dotted box with your mouse.

(Yes, yes…this is my screenshot from the Adding an Image tutorial; it’s the same task!)

media library
Adding an Image to the Media Library (click to enlarge)

Now the document is saved to your Web site, and you can use it wherever you want in the future.

Adding a Document to a Page or Post

Let’s assume you are adding the document you just put into your Media Library. You are going to be adding a text link that users can click on to view or download the document.

  1. Start editing a page or post. Place your cursor where you want the document link to be inserted and then click the Add Media button, located just above the text editor.

    Add Media
    Add Media
  2. The Insert Media dialog box will open. In the Media Library tab, find the document you want to add and click on it to select it.
  3. Here is where the task of adding a document differs from adding an image. In the media details, you need to be mindful of two fields:
    • Title: The title text you fill in here will be the link text for your document.
    • Link To: Make sure you choose Media File. This way, when users click your link, the document will open.
  4. Click Insert Media. The new text link will appear in your page.
Insert Document (click to enlarge)
Insert Document (click to enlarge)
The text link that appears links to your document.
The text link that appears links to your document.

Adding a Brand New Document to your Page

If you were adding a brand new document (not already in your Media Library), you would choose the Upload Files tab instead of the Media Library tab, and then you would follow the directions in the Adding a document to the Media Library section above.

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