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Gelfand Design specializes in WordPress design and development for entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes. Gelfand Design also partners with design and marketing agencies to bring their designs to life and deliver high-quality WordPress websites to their clients. In addition to web design, managed hosting and maintenance services guarantee that your website will remain updated, safe, and speedy while you focus on your business.

With a 10-year track record of excellent service, my priority is to help you grow your business with a polished and compelling online presence.

Web Design

Tell your story through a beautiful, functional website that doesn't give you coding-induced headaches.

On-Demand Support

You've got questions? I've got answers! Count on me for your troubleshooting needs and and day-to-day WordPress tasks.

Hosting & Maintenance

Backups, security, speed, personal attention and more goodies are baked into every digital care plan.


about Amy My Sweet Spot: Where Technology & Creativity Converge

  • BA English, South Carolina Honors College, University of South Carolina
  • Visiting Graduate Student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • MA English, UT-Austin
  • Additional Coursework, Austin Community College, Dept. of Visual Communications

I was a student at The University of South Carolina when I was first introduced to the Internet. There it was—ta da!—a black screen with green text. Hmm. Not too exciting. A PhD in English sounded much more interesting to me.

After I graduated with my BA in English from USC, I spent a year as a Visiting Graduate Student at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I studied Biblical Literature and Biblical and Modern Hebrew before moving to the PhD program in English at The University of Texas at Austin. I thought I was going to become a professor someday. A few years as a Teaching Assistant disabused me of that notion. Teaching was not my passion.

In 2001 I stepped away from the PhD program with my MA in English and took my first steps into the full-time workforce as a Desktop Publisher at National Instruments, a global engineering company. For 5 years I prepped technical documentation for print and online publication. Around 2005 our publishing software became XML enabled. Someone had to figure out how it all worked. I was delighted to become that someone.

After years of formatting documentation and not really loving it, marking up content was a game changer, the first milestone marker on my path to entrepreneurship. There it was glowing on my screen—my old friend language. Calling things what they are. Creating structure and order based on those named elements. Putting the pieces together. It was a short step from there to designing web interfaces. I went back to school and studied Visual Communications. I got a job at NI as a Web Developer. Then I moved on to a number of small businesses around Austin, always occupying positions that start with the word "web."

In 2009 I launched Gelfand Design. I've worked with engineers and artists, scientists and magicians. I am fluent in tech-to-English translation. As someone with experience in both the arts and technology and who is comfortable in both spaces and especially the sweet spot in between, I am uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your online presence.

I look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations!

official office dogs Pepa, Artemis, Mochi & GoGo

"This place wouldn't run at all without us."


Walking the (Dog) Walk How We Give Back

When you do business with Gelfand Design, you are supporting animal welfare in our community. My family's collective passion, when we are not working, is dog rescue. We support and volunteer for a number of local organizations, specializing in maternity fostering. We foster pregnant mama dogs and their puppies until everyone is grown and healthy enough to be adopted. I serve on a number of boards and committees dedicated to this cause, and it's what drives me to build my business. I'm privileged to have a career with the flexibility and financial stability to pursue my life saving mission.


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