Does your website have a safety plan?

Protect your business investment with a digital care plan. You have a business to run and no time for updating software, remembering to make daily backups, or worrying about your site going down.  That's where Gelfand Design comes in!

Daily Backups

Never worry about losing your website.

Website Updates

Run the latest secure versions of your software.

Secure Your Site

Daily virus scans and free cleanup if something does happen.

Starting at $50/month

Why Invest in a Digital Care Plan? Get a website that *just works*—no headaches, no hassle

Leave the work and the worries to me. When you pick my managed WordPress hosting service, whichever tier suits your business best, your online home will be located on a server that is managed and maintained by a group of nerds. We have your business’s back by providing daily scans for hackers, nightly backups of all of your site files, as well as routine WordPress updates to make sure you are running the latest and greatest version.

Unplug from your plugins. They're fantastic, adding all kinds of specialized functionality to your site! But keeping track of them? A total headache. I will keep track of your plugin updates for you. And all those plugins you might be paying for to speed up your site and prevent hacking? You can go ahead and cancel your subscriptions now, because you won't need them anymore with any of these care packages.

Hackers are not welcome. Database driven websites allow you all kinds of flexibility building and managing a great looking, powerful website, but they come with a major caveat: they're vulnerable to malicious hackers. And from experience I will add that the hacking always seem to happen at 5pm on Friday, December 24. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your site is secure with SSL, being actively scanned for viruses, hardened with excellent server-side security, and will get fixed, fast and for free if anything does happen to it.

Your business is not too small to have your own personal web team. For one flat monthly rate, you get the peace of mind knowing your website is secure and the personal attention of a dedicated web designer. Use your bucket of development hours as you choose—for fixes, content changes, new features, research/Q&A...what do you want to accomplish today? 

I hope you’ll strongly consider any safety plan (it doesn’t have to be with me). Ask me about your options!

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