I am really happy with how our website turned out. Amy was great to work with; both knowledgeable and quick at making changes and answering questions.

Pam LaValle, Ed Farr Architects

This was my first time working with a designer to build a web site for my business and I couldn’t be happier. Amy was very professional and kept to all of her timelines as promised. She was easy to work with and answered any questions I had promptly. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a website designer for a new site , or need to redo your current website. I look forward to continuing to work with Gelfand Design in the future.

Karen Blonder, The Mail Maven

Amy Gelfand is a responsive and thoughtful communicator who is an expert at taking your vision and concepts and turning them into beautiful and articulate websites.  She is our go-to person for web design and back end support - always creating timely, appealing and functional results.  Amy is a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend Amy and Gelfand Design.

Julie Rompel, Sovereign Partners

Having Amy build our site was such a great decision! She was so knowledgeable about the ins and outs of web design. She always answered my questions, even when they were elementary in nature and never made me feel silly for asking them. She offered her expert opinion during the process but was never pushy or insistent upon us doing things “her way.” Our website is so user friendly now which is something we were greatly lacking in our prior site. All of our volunteers love the layout and feel of our new site. We would definitely recommend Amy to anyone needing help with their website! A+ for sure!!

Jade Vice, Rockwall Pets Animal Rescue

Georgetown Animal Outreach is a small, but busy, dog and cat rescue group. We are all volunteers, mostly with other full-time jobs, so we need all the help we can get. For years our website had not been effective and none of our volunteers had experience with website development. Amy Gelfand stepped in, took on the website, developed it from scratch, and did an amazing job! She also updates it immediately when we have events or other changes. It has made a world of difference in our outreach to the public and in our ability to find homes for homeless pets.

Laura Hobgood, GAO President

I can’t thank you enough for your efforts in creating this website. It turned out exactly as I imagined it. I appreciate and value your creativity, especially your patience in working with a “non-tech” person as me.

Trisha Dane, Copper Willow Design Group

Working with Amy has been a delightful experience! After working with different designers who haven't been able to produce a user-friendly, functional site for my business, I've finally found success with Gelfand Design. Amy has been thoughtful, thorough and incredibly time-efficient in building a site that meets my needs. My new site exceeds my expectations with both aesthetics and functionality thanks to Amy. I absolutely recommend her and will continue to use her in the future!

Emily Murray, Board-Certified (AADP) Nutritionist

Amy, wondering if you knew that the Cabrini Arab Spring site won a national award for best college multimedia site! The national College Media Advisor's organization selected your site over runners-up an intense election site created by Kent State University and a news site by Baylor University. Our little Cabrini!!! Thanks to you and Liz Krupka for the collaboration on the look of the site.

Cathy Yungmann, Associate Professor, Cabrini College

This is the second website I have worked with Amy on. I love working with Amy because of her professionalism, integrity and her great communication skills. She took my ideas and made them work in the website. I trusted her suggestions for plug-ins and other details that made my vision come to life. While working on the site with Amy, she was quick to answer my questions and concerns. If there was something that I wanted on my site she would draw from her vast knowledge of website building and give me great suggestions and how to solve any particular issue.

Amy Hillenbrand, Artist

I started my company as a one man show, this included building my online store using WordPress and Woocommerce. This simply would not have been possible without Amy's help. Finding just any WordPress specialists/programmer is not that difficult, what makes Amy special is not only her knowledge of WordPress, but her dependability. I can always count on Amy to do a great job in a timely manner. As a small business owner I have plenty to think about, thanks to Amy my ecommerce store is not one of them. I will definitely continue working with Amy in the future.

Chuck Downs

Amy Gelfand is fantastic! I found Gelfand Design through some Google searches, and I am glad I did. Amy is very knowledgeable. More than that, she has great design skills plus a practical approach to bring sites to life in a meaningful, wonderful way. Amy is smart and responsive. I plan to use Gelfand Design for any future work.

Jon Mertz, Thin Difference

I commissioned Amy Gelfand to design a web site for my company Miamfit Inc. After an extensive interview of my concept Amy brought my vision to life and I could not be more satisfied. Because of Amy’s wonderful design I have no doubt that Miamifit will be a site that will be visited often. Amy is a true professional who I would recommend to anyone who is starting a website or has one that needs to be improved.

Jeff Shepard, Miamifit

I'm very happy I found Amy at Gelfand Design. The WordPress development I required went beyond our in-house expertise. Amy quickly zeroed in on solutions to features we required for our DJMIX.com website and then built them out. Our build was fairly complicated and needed custom solutions that Amy was able to supply. The ability to reach Amy during "office" hours was especially convenient, and all tasks were completed on schedule and quickly. I will continue to work with Amy as we develop this website and will not hesitate to use her on new projects or recommend her to others.

Steve L., DJMIX.com

Amy Gelfand is one of the best consultants I've worked with. She is super-smart, super-responsive, and an incredibly agile thinker. I can always count on her for reasoned, creative advice on building and maintaining my site. She has quickly become indispensable to the Sharp Skirts community, both as back-end support and a successful business owner.

Carla Thompson, CEO, Sharp Skirts

I wish I’d found Amy a long time ago. She has supplied a critical skill set that gave life to so many projects, both professional and personal, that had been on the back burner for lack of a real, professional, web developer. Her technical skills are top notch, and she is very intentional about keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in web technology and social media. With Amy, you get three-in-one: professional web development, extremely insightful and effective writing and editing, and savvy marketing. I was so impressed with Amy’s work and her efficient, cost-effective and responsive approach to a professional project that I hired her personally to set up and coach me in developing two websites for my family and volunteer activities.

Beth Cooper, Director, NASA Auditory Demonstration Laboratory

A recent engineering project required releasing a large amount of technical information in the form of a website. The intended audience was only moderately technical, so the presentation of the material was of the utmost importance. It had to be both engaging and remarkably clear. We thought that all we needed was someone to code up a nice looking website. When Amy got involved she not only 'got' the material, she asked questions that we'd never considered. "What's your marketing proposition?" and the like. Before long she had done a fantastic job of editing the text, producing a coherent visual format, and then managing the deployment of the website. Without the attractive and coherent presentation, the technical information might have sunk into the digital background noise without a trace. With Amy's help, we've gotten fantastic reviews. Thanks, Amy.

David Nelson

Amy's become a person I absolutely rely on to develop, manage and/or design WordPress web sites for Knight Foundation. She's highly skilled and adaptable, and works quickly and professionally. You will be as happy as we are with her web work.

Robertson Adams, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

I found Amy on the woothemes.com website as one of their affiliated "Woo Workers". This immediately built my trust that she would be good, but I was a little reluctant—afraid a high price tag might also come with her services. Now that my site has gone live, I feel that her services were very reasonable. Specifically, the site looks like I wanted—sharp, clean and professional, yet warm and welcoming. I asked Amy to not only be my web designer, but also my consultant—to give me feedback on my ideas and also for her thoughts and ideas on how to create the best site possible. I was glad that I asked for this as well because Amy had really great ideas that we incorporated into what I think turned out to be a great website.

Scott Wepfer, RPh, The Compounding Shoppe, Your Problem-Solving Pharmacy

I found Amy through WooThemes, listed as one of their approved developers. I figured if she was good enough for WooThemes then she was good enough for me - and I was right! Amy answered my email right away, offered me a very fair quote and took care of my changes like a real pro. I could not be more satisfied and I will certainly be using her in the future for all my WordPress needs.

Aram Brazilian, marpop.com

Thanks again Amy. I feel blessed that you responded to my first email and that you decided to help me out. I obviously couldn't have figured this out without you. I have been truly impressed with your skills.

Brad Neuerburg, Blueprint Maps

Amy has been a real blessing to MiniDonations. We gave Amy our business plan and a vision for what we wanted and she ran with it marvelously! She was timely, kept consistent communication, took quick action on feedback and beautifully edited our copy. The end result is a clean, informative, powerful site that elicits the feel-good, child-like joy of saving the world a little change at a time.

Leo A. Ramirez, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of MiniDonations

Our group came to Amy with a very specific and tight deadline. Not only was she able to complete our site within the much-needed timeframe, but the design was exactly what we envisioned; clean, modern, and professional. Amy was flexible, continuously available, and made this process very easy for us. I am grateful we found her!

Jessica Hubbard, Fellgroup

Amy understood my needs perfectly and executed with passion and professionalism. She is a strategic partner to my business and I wouldn't continue using her services if she didn't add significant value to all my work.

Bhushan Lele, MBA Candidate and Entrepreneur

Amy helped me out with some Woo Theme mods. She was very quick to respond to all communications and worked hard to make sure all my requirements were met. She is most worthy of her Woodom! I recommend her to all.

Paul Doffman, owner of Webzorb Internet Marketing

My website has come alive thanks to Gelfand Design! I never dreamed it would be this beautiful! Amy took my vision very seriously and always responded to my questions quickly. Her ideas and design were amazing! I was so impressed with her speed and detail that I now have Amy making regular site updates. I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you Amy!!

Angel Bright, founder of The Forever Trinity Dream Foundation

I've been blogging for for the last two and half years. My Blog Politicaldog101 has almost 1 million hits. I had problems with an old web master and host that couldn't give me the time, expertise and hand holding I needed. I did some searching and found Gelfand Design. She took my site on, switched my host, and didn't lose a thing. Recently I had a problem with my site going down. I called her directly. She dropped what she was doing (she was doing a LOT) and took care of my problem getting my site up and running within the hour. Thank Goodness she's MY Webmaster.

James Finley

We have been most pleased with the work done on the Visa Services Canada Inc. website by Amy Gelfand. She worked closely with us to finalize a basic design, then produced exactly what we wanted. Design and production were smooth, as was the testing phase. VSC is also impressed with the level of ongoing technical support provided by Amy Gelfand, whether the question be a small technical point, or a larger redesign issue. Customers continue to comment on how easily they can navigate the website due to clear design and programming.

Dr. John Clearwater, owner of Visa Services Canada

Amy put together a wonderfully designed website for a great price. She was very professional and [knew] exactly what we wanted and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her.

Amy provides quality and ON TIME web development services, she is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her craft and I would definitely hire her again.

Amy was a breath of fresh air! Not only does she do an amazing job at creating websites, but she is so easy to work with, which I believe is imperative. Her communications were great! She was able to develop a website that I am 150% satisfied with and she did it on time. Her expertise in understanding how to develop a customer friendly, well functioning, and appealing site is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone.